Efficient Service Operation
Statistics System


Solbox CDN service currently supports many forms of Internet service providers such as broadcasting, e-commerce, online education, online games, public institutions, and portals sites.
In these various areas, real-time statistics and analysis services are essential for improving service quality and providing business insights through multidimensional analysis & statistics.

These days, huge amount of service traffic demands effective distributed system configuration, faster service expansion, real-time processing and reliability that can handle billions of user access statistics per day.

Solbox Statistics System provides real-time statistical information and analysis data for CDN services, providing effective system expansion with quality monitoring of media/content services, system performance and fault monitoring, and various access statistics analysis.

It consists of a distributed system architecture based on big data analytics to provide large user access, system log data processing, and various multidimensional analyses, providing fault tolerance and horizontal scale-out scalability through high-performance real-time analysis & statistics and automatic recovery.


Key Features

Providing search function by period
(up to 1 year)

Providing the up-to-date information
compared to the previous day

Checking the details of real-time
traffic information

Providing the information about
the amount of data transfer in real time

Providing the number of content
requests in real time

Providing the information about
storage usage

Providing the number of cache
hit/miss requests

Providing the information about
cache hit/miss transmission

Providing the number of
simultaneous visitors

Providing the number of requests
by visitor location (ISP)

Providing the transsion of response code
on the edge/origin server

Providing access information by web browser and OS

Providing authentication statistics for Wowza

Providing daily top content URL information

Saving data as Excel sheet and
check data for all statistical information

Providing daily top Referrer domain


Visualizes the statistical information to see the summary of data through the web portal (Provides Rest API).

Improves the user service experience by checking the service status and quality through real-time statistics & analysis services.

Gets business insight for customer service through various multi-dimensional analysis & statistics.

Provides faster system expansion and stable analysis and statistics service in case of unexpected rapid traffic surge or service expansion.


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