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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

With the rapid growth of Internet services, data consumption by terminals connected to the Internet is increasing explosively, and more than 80% of this data is expected to be unstructured data.
Legacy storage structures such as DAS, NAS, and SAN have limitations in meeting the technical requirements for function, performance, and scalability for storing such unstructured data.

Solbox Cloud Storage is an object-based storage that distributes files on a per-object basis, providing high performance, data protection, and scalability with the robust fault tolerance of the distributed file system environment.

In addition, Solbox Cloud Storage is a software-based solution that can be easily added and improved, and its horizontal scale-out structure enables predictable resources for performance improvement.

Solbox Cloud Storage makes it easy to apply these many advantages of modernized storage to customer service to upgrade services.

Cloud storage

Key Features

Unlimited Extension Function

Software Defined Storage

Strong Fault Tolerance


Distributed File System

Easy Load Balancing

Exabyte Capacity Storage

Storage Size

Legacy Support


Provides an interface compatible with S3 RESTful API such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Storage for familiar and easy connectivity for cloud service users.

Optimizes web applications by allowing direct access to objects using HTTP commands (GET, PUT, DELETE)

Always delivers optimized performance using distributed file systems

Maximizes service reliability with system self-recovery and internal failure detection.

Case Study

nexon banner

Nexon Korea

Solbox S3 storage helped Nexon to increase service stability and availability by allowing global companies to change origins at any time even in the case of large-scale failure. With the distributed file system that detects and recovers failures on its own, it became possible to maintain a certain level of service quality without interruption.


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