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Web acceleration

Web Acceleration

Internet service users don't wait even a second. Interactions on the Internet are getting faster, your services must be tailored down to the smallest detail to meet individual needs, and web pages must of course be responsive.

Solbox Web Acceleration dramatically improves the response speed of the website by overcoming many of the factors that slow down the web service by applying the multi-core-based ultra-high performance caching features.

With Solbox Web Acceleration service, content service providers can deliver high-quality Internet experiences to their customers, which can lead to competitive customer competition.

web acceleration

Key Features

High-performance caching solution based on multi-core

Saving Optimized Caching Object

Multi-origin Server & Automatic Failover Support

Offline Mode Support

Powerful & Fast Purge Feature

Advanced Security

Media Caching Support

Optimize Images for Web Pages

Encryption Communication Support

HTTP/2 Protocol Support

Origin Support in HTTP/HTTPS Format


Non-disruptive Re-configuration

Traffic Control Support

Pre-loading Support


Accelerate content loading dramatically for images, graphics, and flash to dramatically increase web page loading speed.

Reduces the load on your web server with content caching.

Respond flexibly and reliably to the increase in service traffic in the event of a sudden surge in users when performing large-scale patches, events, and service promotions.

Case Study

danawa banner


DANAWA is largest price search and shopping web portal in Korea. The percentage of objects with file size of 500byte or less is almost 87%. In addition, the percentage of graphic files, such as images of products, is also high. Moreover, DANAWA experienced difficulties in ensuring fast page response speed when users increased rapidly. Since loading speed is directly related to sales, DANAWA had to find a way to improve on the page loading time.

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Nexon Korea

Nexon Korea introduced Solbox CDN to reliably transfer large files for large-scale patches of popular games. The Solbox CDN responded to up to 1TB of traffic to prevent download delays due to a rapid increase in users, such as large-scale patches in Nexon Korea. As a result, Nexon Korea was able to provide a stable download environment without slowing down during a rapid increase in the number of users, and improve customer satisfaction.


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