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Media Streaming

Media Streaming

As there are more and more end users enjoying high-definition OTT video content using various devices such as PC, TV, OTT set-top boxes, smart phones, tablets, and game terminals, the media service environment is getting more complex.
As a result, OTT service providers face the challenge of providing high-definition, high-quality video and live video services reliably through various user terminals. In other words, by improving the user's service experience, it is necessary to prevent the churn of existing customers, attract new users, and maximize advertising revenue and content service income through this.

Solbox Media Streaming solutions provide reliable, high-quality media streaming services regardless of the user's device and size on the edge platform of the telecommunication company.

Solbox Media Streaming solution provides the best media service experience with on-demand packaging technology, ultra-low latency live streaming technology, targeted Ad insertion technology, subtitle insertion technology, and mass storage technology.
Solbox Media Streaming provides stable and optimal streaming service to users in a variety of PC environments or with multiple smart devices. Internet-connected users can get the best multimedia experience, no matter where they are or what devices they use.

VOD Streaming

VOD Streaming is a service that allows users to watch the content you want at any time you want.

In most cases, this applies to services such as movies, e-learning, and broadcast replay.
When an end-user requests the media contents, it transmits the video content stored in the mass storage with proper format according to the user's device.

vod streaming

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is a service that provides live video streaming or scheduled media(video) files to online viewers in real time.

In most cases, this applies to services such as sports broadcasting, online education, personal broadcasting, metaverse, and live commerce.
Live Streaming receives broadcast data directly from the live encoder and transmits it in real time, or relays and transmits real-time broadcast streaming transmitted from the origin transmission server. Live Streaming is either received directly from the real-time encoder or relayed by fetching real-time broadcast data from other origin servers.

live streaming

Key features

On demand packaging

Preview Service

ABR Streaming

Multilingual Subtitle/Voice Service Support

User Authentication Service

Content Encryption Service

Ultra-Low Latency Live Streaming Service

Targeted Ad Insertion Service


Improves the user experience of Internet video services by providing video streaming services suitable for various user terminals such as PC, TV, OTT set-top box, smartphone, tablet, and game terminal.

The servers at the edge of the carrier handle user requests, providing fast, reliable service in the event of a surge in user access to popular content

Provides ultra-low latency streaming service based on industry standards to enhance the user experience of real-time Internet broadcasting.

Flexible service scalability and cost savings in the event of large service expansion as service users grow.

Maximizes advertising revenue from content providers by providing an industry standard VAST (Digital Video Ad Serving Template) based Ad insertion services and customized advertising.

Case Study

sbs banner


During the Qatar World Cup 2022, SBS adopted Solbox CDN solution and became the first broadcaster to broadcast live World Cup matches using LL-HLS (Low Latency-HLS) low-latency streaming technology. Through low-latency streaming technology, the broadcasting speed could be shortened by more than 10 seconds compared to the previous one, and it has been able to deliver the soccer matches to viewers vividly by providing real-time services with minimal delay.

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Tving, South Koreas largest OTT operator that provides online video streaming services, is using a CDN for stable services to its online users. Solbox CDN provides large-scale traffic without interruption, and at the same time converts the same image into various quality or size through image resizing, providing operational convenience to enable high-quality viewing on any device such as TV, PC, tablet, mobile, etc.


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