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File Delivery

There are billions of Internet users around the world, file capacity is growing day by day and media usage is skyrocketing.
Online users who stay up all night on the Internet want to get the information they want at the speed of light, anytime, anywhere.

Solbox File Delivery provides an optimal solution that satisfies users, whether they are renting videos, downloading music, or upgrading to the latest software.

Solbox File Delivery is designed for flexible delivery of digital content regardless of its size and allows end users to quickly get the videos, music, images, games, and software they want without overloading the system.

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Key Features

Content Upload Management

Security features with URL authentication methods

Security function with URL Path encryption

Various Access Control

Supports streaming contents in various formats

Traffic Control by Session

Encrypted Communication Support

HTTP/2 Protocol Support


Provides reliable download services even when user traffic is congested at the same time.

Delivers content flawlessly to end users by dramatically reducing problems such as network speed delays and packet loss.

Case Study

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Nexon Korea

Nexon Korea introduced Solbox CDN to reliably transfer large files for large-scale patches of popular games. The Solbox CDN responded to up to 1TB of traffic to prevent download delays due to a rapid increase in users, such as large-scale patches in Nexon Korea. As a result, Nexon Korea was able to provide a stable download environment without slowing down during a rapid increase in the number of users, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Thanks to the popularity of the “R” family, Eastsoft is using Solbox CDN to provide users with update files without slowing down, even if there is massive traffic due to regular updates every week. In particular, even when updating the “Alyac” software used by more than 10 million people, many users can still can use the service in a stable download environment.


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