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Ad Zipper

Today most of the ad-based free video services mainly use a client-side Ad insertion method that requests and plays an ad from a video player on the end user.
These existing Ad insertion methods are causing errors while playing advertising content on different end-user devices (e.g., smart TVs, OTT set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, game terminals, PCs, etc.), resulting in poor quality and loss of revenue from advertising blockers.

Solbox Ad Zipper is a technology that combines advertisements and videos into one file or stream on the server side and plays them as a single video on various devices such as smart TVs, OTT set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, game terminals, and PCs.

This eliminates the buffering between ads and video and improves the quality of service just like watching TV commercials.
In addition, ads cannot be blocked by the client Ad-blocker and it can be inserted anywhere in the video content, and targeted ad will maximize advertising revenue.
In addition, customers can easily insert their ads into the target video contents through Ad Zipper without client SDK, plug-ins or even extra manpower & resources required for client-side Ad insertion services.

ad zipper

Key Features

Real-time Ad Stitching

Multi-Protocol Support

Local Media Caching

Specific Audio Source Extraction

Fast Playback Start

Wowza Streaming Engine


Support for Many Different Ways of Ad Insertion Methods


Minimizes the technical problems that occurred to support SDKs or plugins for various devices and platforms in the existing client-side Ad insertion method, which allows advertising services in a shorter time on a wider variety of devices.

Improves service quality by eliminating the buffering that previously occurred during playback between ads and video contents by combining advertisements and videos and transmitting them as one file or stream.

Maximizes the effectiveness of ads and improves ad revenue by cutting off the client-side ad-blocker, and providing targeted ads to each viewer in the desired location in the video

Guarantees smooth and stable streaming services on most devices by supporting various codecs and streaming protocols.

Provides efficient local caching for ads and videos to ensure fast response speed and high performance of the service

Case Study

smart media rep


SMR uses CDN to provide reliable service by combining ads with clip video services from general service program provider. SMR provides advertising files in conjunction with AD Zipper solutions that can easily combine advertisements and videos into one file and provide them as one file. As a result, content providers can avoid the risk of an unknown advertisement behind their video contents, and targeting advertisements for the content are possible. In addition, SMR uses AD Zipper to provide ads and videos in a single file, providing statistics on the number of views that viewers watched ads and videos


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