Converts Live video
to Optimum Quality

Live Transcoder

As many different devices such as large smart TVs, OTT set-top boxes, smart phones, tablets, and PCs become popular, the playback environment of viewers is becoming more diverse.
In addition, with the advancement of 4G/5G wireless networks, Internet media services have recently achieved tremendous growth. There are various live media services for internet users, such as sports broadcasting, music live, online education, games, and live commerce using wired and wireless Internet.
As a result, Internet streaming service providers are faced with the task of ensuring reliable and efficient service quality to satisfy users' satisfaction in various playback environments.

Solbox Live Transcoder easily creates a video stream with optimal video resolution to playback the original online live video sent by a service provider on various end user devices and supports ABR (Additional Bit Rate) streaming to maintain maximum quality of video sources without buffering or disruption depending on the user's connection environment.

It also supports ultra-low latency streaming (LL-HLS, CMAF-DASH) to minimize the delay of video transmission time and the video playback time on end user side.
We can help broadcasters, OTT services, online training, and live commerce to work with Solbox Media CDN service to open and provide high-quality, low-latency live streaming services directly to a large number of online users at a reasonable cost.


Key Features

Supports for Receiving Live Signal

Live Video Packetizing

Multi Output Protocol

Live Transcoding

ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) Support

Live Ultra-Low Latency Transmission



Provides services to users of different playback environments such as PC, TV, OTT set-top box, smart phone, tablet, and game terminal.

Provides high-quality live broadcasts anytime, anywhere. When interworking with Solbox Media CDN, it is possible to provide a large-scale live streaming service at a reasonable cost.

Starts a high-quality live streaming service immediately, either directly purchasing a streaming server or at no cost without installing IDC.

Media content providers can directly provide high-quality Internet live broadcasting services with Solbox's media conversion/transmission experts, and the content provider can focus on media content service development.

Case Study

sbs worldcup streaming


During the Qatar World Cup 2022, SBS adopted Solbox CDN solution and became the first broadcaster to broadcast live World Cup matches using LL-HLS (Low Latency-HLS) low-latency streaming technology. Through low-latency streaming technology, the broadcasting speed could be shortened by more than 10 seconds compared to the previous one, and it has been able to deliver the soccer matches to viewers vividly by providing real-time services with minimal delay.


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