One media content
to Multiple Resolutions

VOD Transcoder

As many different devices such as large smart TVs, OTT set-top boxes, smart phones, tablets, and PCs become popular, the playback environment of viewers is becoming more diverse.
In addition, with the advancement of 4G/5G wireless networks, Internet media services have recently achieved tremendous growth.

Online users are comfortable enjoying the digital content they want, at the time they want, according to their taste. As a result, Internet streaming service providers are faced with the task of ensuring stable and efficient video service quality to satisfy end users' satisfaction in various video playback environments.

Solbox VOD Transcoder converts customer-generated media content into media content of different resolutions to provide seamless service to users in different environments. Vod Transcoder

With Solbox VOD Transcoder, the optimized media content can be delivered depending on the user's device and network environment, and continuous high-quality media delivery services suitable for user connection environments can be provided through Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR).

By interworking with Solbox CDN service provided by the edge of a domestic telecommunication company, service providers can offer high-quality Internet video services seamlessly to a large number of online users without any interruption.

If you are using HLS or Dash protocol, please apply our fast authentication service with Solbox authentication system. It will dramatically reduce the time and cost when you provide media content services.

Key Features

Verifies content error

Minimizes service disruption

Creates video content in various video resolutions

ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) Support

Prevents errors by changes made to the original content


Provides VOD service for various user terminal environments such as PC, TV, OTT set-top box, smart phone, tablet, game terminal, etc.

Provides quality content depending on the network environment where the user terminal is connected.

ABR provides high-quality content for user terminal performance and network environments.

Provides consistent media content service to online users by converting content into options defined independently of the customer's content creation environment.

Case Study

real time live service


Etoos chose the Solbox CDN platform to build a real-time live service according to programming information based on VOD contents. Through this, it can provide stable speed, high-definition live video and VOD services to students using various devices.


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