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Today, there is a growing demand from existing broadcasters who are trying to provide stationary channels using hundreds of VOD content and many content providers who want to launch 24/7 broadcasting channels.
As the demand for content viewers has also steadily shifted from existing regular broadcasting channels to programming broadcasting channels, broadcasters must prepare for this trend.
As free advertising-based broadcasting service (FAST) channels through smart TVs and OTT set-top boxes grows, the need for new advertising-based broadcasting service solutions continues to increase.

Live Programming service helps content publisher or agent easily publish advertising-based live broadcasting services.
live broadcasting

A service provider can quickly upload a large amount of VOD contents to cloud storage, and launch live broadcasting channel services on smart TVs, OTT set-top boxes, or OTT platforms immediately through convenient broadcasting and Ad insertion.

In addition, Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming ensures optimal image quality without buffering or interruption depending on the user connection environment.

If you are using HLS or MPEG-DASH protocols, Solbox Live Programming service will help you to provide a variety of live streaming services. It will significantly reduce your time and money.

Key Features

Solbox Cloud Storage

VOD Live Stream Conversion Service

Live Broadcast Programming Service

Ad insertion Service

Multi Output Protocol

ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) Support


Utilizes VOD content to provide high-quality live broadcasting programming services quickly and easily.

Starts media service immediately after uploading a video interworking with Solbox Cloud Storage without storage expansion.

By Ad insertion service, a service provider can attract more online viewers and increase their revenue through an ad-based free live broadcasting service.

A media content provider can easily and directly provide high-quality Internet live broadcasting services with Solbox Live Programming service, and the service provider can solely focus on supply and demand of media content as well as service development.

Case Study

sbs worldcup live Broadcasting


During the Qatar World Cup 2022, SBS adopted Solbox CDN solution and became the first broadcaster to broadcast live World Cup matches using LL-HLS (Low Latency-HLS) low-latency streaming technology. Through low-latency streaming technology, the broadcasting speed could be shortened by more than 10 seconds compared to the previous one, and it has been able to deliver the soccer matches to viewers vividly by providing real-time services with minimal delay.

ott video streaming


Tving, South Koreas largest OTT operator that provides online video streaming services, is using a CDN for stable services to its online users. Solbox CDN provides large-scale traffic without interruption, and at the same time converts the same image into various quality or size through image resizing, providing operational convenience to enable high-quality viewing on any device such as TV, PC, tablet, mobile, etc.


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