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Image Optimizer

The scale of image services has grown rapidly, the user experience has diversified from PCs to mobile devices, and optimizations according to environment, such as resolution, layout, and data size have become necessary.
In the case of image conversion through the pre-processing system in the past, there are numerous management issues such as converted images, conversion scheduling, and data storage management. Dynamic image conversion is becoming a new standard in the market to minimize management resources and optimize functionality.

Solbox real-time Image Optimizer service allow for content providers to convert many different types of images into desired forms through size and attribute conversion according to their service requirements.

Content providers can change the original image to fit the layout by changing the URL in real time to the desired shape, such as resizing, cropping, etc., without pre-processing the original image. You can also reduce the file size without image degradation to reduce the overall transfer bytes.
Currently, this supports different image formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF (including animated GIF), TIFF, WebP, PDF, and SVG.


Key Features

Image Conversion

Size Conversion


Filter Effect

Format Conversion

Animated Gif

Converted Image Preview


When requesting an image, it automatically converts the original image to provide multiple images using a URL without changing the source.

All these changes are processed on CDN Edge, so it doesn't repeat the request for the same image.

Supports image caching(saving) for the converted images to avoid the request for the same image processing.

Case Study

online video streaming


Tving, South Koreas largest OTT operator that provides online video streaming services, is using a CDN for stable services to its online users. Solbox CDN provides large-scale traffic without interruption, and at the same time converts the same image into various quality or size through image resizing, providing operational convenience to enable high-quality viewing on any device such as TV, PC, tablet, mobile, etc.


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