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Solbox CDN solution can deliver high-quality media content, a large volume of files more quickly and reliably to end user's various devices through a large-scale edge platform.

Solbox provides high-performance and superb-quality media solutions such as VOD/Live transcoding, live programming, image optimization, Ad insertion, and closed caption insertion based on various media-specific technologies.

Solbox is an official Cloudflare partner that provides professional DDoS defense and operational agency services through an engineering team who have operational expertise.

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[TVING] Guarantees stable video content service w...

In recent years, the OTT market has achieved tremendous growth, and due to the prolonged COVID-19, the OTT market has already reached a scale of 1 trillion won in 2021, so now watching video content through OTT has become commonplace.
In the midst of this trend, TVING, the No. 1 OTT in South Korea, also increased its sales by 81% compared to the same period last year with original content such as Transit Romance, Yumis Cells, and Drinking City Women, etc., also gained popularity in South Koreas OTT No. 1 TVING.
As the number of online users rapidly increased due to the popularity of content, TVING needs to manage real-time traffic reliably.

[SBSi] Live Broadcasting for Qatar World Cup 202...

SBSi is a company specializing in new media services that operates SBS online platform that can easily and conveniently use various contents such as SBS On Air, SBS VOD video, clips, and SBS Gorilla Radio.
The service provides video contents of various genres such as drama, entertainment, entertainment, documentary, current affairs, and news. It has a wide range of viewers as it is one of the three public broadcasting companies in South Korea.
Therefore, SBS introduced Solbox CDN to provide stable service without slowing down when delivering high-quality video contents.

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